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Driver Opportunities


Requirements to Drive a Executive Sedan, SUV & Van

  • A Florida State License (Class E or better)
  • A Broward County Chauffeur’s License (hack license)
  • To attend orientation sessions composed of field training, computer training, customer service techniques and paperwork familiarization skills
  • A portable global positioning system (GPS unit)

Insurance Requirements

  • You must be 25 years of age or older
  • Verifiable motor vehicle record for at least three (3) years in the United States
  • Your Florida license may not be restricted to business or employment purposes only
  • Must have a good driving record, as follows:
    1. No license suspension for points within the past 3 years
    2. No convictions for D.U.I
    3. No more than 5 points in the past 12 months
    4. No more than 9 points in the past 24 months
    5. No more than 12 points in the past 36 months
    6. No more than 20 points in the past 48 months
    7. No more than 25 points in the past 60 months

* Adjunction withheld is considered an offense and points will be assessed under safe drivers plan.

How the System Works

A driver with GO Airport Shuttle is an independent contractor who operates his/her own business. This driver needs basic knowledge of the Tri-County area and the ability to operate a GPS unit. The driver can work whatever hours he or she chooses to work. The driver picks up fares at the airport, at the seaport and at hotels, and can also accept calls through our computer dispatch system. The driver pays for the use of the vehicle (contract cost) before she/he gets the vehicle. (The cost starts at an average of $575 per week for a double-shift vehicle and $775 for a single-shift vehicle plus $0.25 cents per mile driven over 1,500 hundred miles per week plus gas.)

Drivers make their money from the fares and tips collected from passengers. For example, if a driver collected a total of $1,700and paid $850 for vehicle contract and gas fees, the drivers’ take-home profit for the week would be $850.

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