Customer Reviews

Submitted on 2018-10-19T06:42:00

Comments: I Will recommend it to a friend any Time. They are on Time, call you to Tell they are comming, everything was 10 on 10

Submitted on 2018-10-19T04:18:00

Comments: Our driver was very professional.

Submitted on 2018-10-17T20:50:00

Comments: Joseph was a great driver. He met me at baggage claim and the vehicle was parked perfectly for my handicapped mother. Will certainly call again

Submitted on 2018-10-17T12:41:00

Comments: Excellent all around. I always use your services and am satisfied, my driver was polite and I felt completely secure with his driving. I also use you from the airport to my residence and know I have my ride there, no hassles

Submitted on 2018-10-16T10:41:00

Comments: Our driver was well mannered, nicely dressed, and even helped us at the baggage claim area. His driving was flawless and we appreciated that he was able to use the priority lanes. We all agreed the experience was worth the cost.

Submitted on 2018-10-15T12:29:00

Comments: Great experience. On time, cordial and safe. 5 stars!!!!!

Submitted on 2018-10-15T11:20:00

Comments: Awesome service. Driver was very nice and called to check on us to see if we had got thru the cruise terminal yet and told us where she was parked.

Submitted on 2018-10-14T18:06:00

Comments: Aweome driver

Submitted on 2018-10-11T10:31:00

Comments: I am grateful for your service

Submitted on 2018-10-09T17:04:00

Comments: Our driver was on time . Jose was excellent with our small group . He contacted us the morning we needed him and was waiting on his at the designated area.

Submitted on 2018-10-09T09:36:00

Comments: My ride was great and very quick. My driver was excellent. He answered all my questions, was very friendly, and got me to the airport safely and quickly!

Submitted on 2018-10-08T17:04:00

Comments: Professional, spotless car, on time, great trip

Submitted on 2018-10-08T09:50:00

Comments: I will use your shuttle service when I travel it was an awesome experience. My friend referred me to super shuttle when I arrived it was awful you guys are far more awesome, professional super shuttle is overrated you guys are the best.

Submitted on 2018-10-08T08:35:00

Comments: Great Customer Service all around.

Submitted on 2018-10-07T10:48:00

Comments: My drivers were FANTASTIC!! Vehicles were very clean and drivers were professional and informative about the area. Will use this service again.

Submitted on 2018-10-07T08:11:00

Comments: I will definitely use you all EVERY year from here on out. We cruise every October and we will be using GO AIRPORT SHUTTLE for our transportation needs. Your services was superb! Thanks for helping to make our vacations one of the best ever!

Submitted on 2018-10-07T06:37:00

Comments: Great service. Driver was excellent and called to say he was on his way. Awesome service

Submitted on 2018-10-06T18:11:00

Comments: Very professional and friendly. Called the afternoon before our departure to confirm and let us know he would be calling us 5-10 minutes before his arrival and he did.

Submitted on 2018-10-06T13:35:00

Comments: Great service

Submitted on 2018-10-06T11:50:00

Comments: Clean van. Driver was very pleasant

Submitted on 2018-10-06T00:36:00

Comments: My first time using your service. Everything went perfectly. Courteous driver was on time and helped with our luggage and transport wheelchair. I will definitely use GO Shuttle again! Thank you for everything.

Submitted on 2018-10-05T14:22:00

Comments: Howard is such a nice gentleman, very professional

Submitted on 2018-10-05T11:10:00

Comments: Everything I ride with your company I am pleased with the service, timely arrival & pickup. The drivers are always professional.

Submitted on 2018-10-05T09:02:00

Comments: He was early and contacted me as soon as we got to port. Great driver!

Submitted on 2018-10-04T18:53:00

Comments: Would definitely recommend and use again.

Submitted on 2018-10-03T17:26:00

Comments: Very professional Driver!

Submitted on 2018-10-03T15:53:00

Comments: My driver was very professional

Submitted on 2018-10-02T07:03:00

Comments: Both drivers were nice and brought me to my destinations safely.

Submitted on 2018-10-02T05:40:00

Comments: Right on time. Very polite driver.

Submitted on 2018-10-02T01:09:00

Comments: Both of our drivers (going and returning) were friendly and accommodating. On our return ride, we took longer to go through Customs than usually and the driver was very understanding. We will definitely use your company again.

Submitted on 2018-10-01T22:09:00

Comments: Wonderful experience. Drivers we very professional courtesy and very helpful. The drivers were on time and made every effort to make our ride special. I will use this service again

Submitted on 2018-10-01T18:16:00

Comments: Pick up was on time. Driver called that he was 5 minutes away and arrived at the correct time.

Submitted on 2018-10-01T10:33:00

Comments: Driver was very friendly and courteous. Driver also gave us several tips for food, he was a big help.

Submitted on 2018-10-01T07:46:00

Comments: Excellent driver and first time experience with GO Shuttle.

Submitted on 2018-09-30T18:29:00

Comments: Driver was excellent, I was very happy with his driving and getting me to the airport safely. I will use you guys again.

Submitted on 2018-09-29T05:48:00

Comments: Quick, courteous, efficient. All at a great price..!!Outstanding service. Will always use, and recommend, your service.

Submitted on 2018-09-27T13:47:00

Comments: Omar was great. Wish ride could have been longer.

Submitted on 2018-09-26T15:48:00

Comments: Zak was great!

Submitted on 2018-09-26T10:12:00

Comments: Great service!

Submitted on 2018-09-25T23:58:00

Comments: I plan on using GO shuttle every time I travel.And I travel at least once a month!My driver Berge, “Mr Reliable”... was Amazing!

Submitted on 2018-09-25T21:08:00


Submitted on 2018-09-25T20:55:00

Comments: I was very happy with the service, the driver and the overall experience.

Submitted on 2018-09-25T16:28:00

Comments: Great driver, great ride!

Submitted on 2018-09-25T16:01:00

Comments: Excellent service.

Submitted on 2018-09-24T15:39:00

Comments: We were running late and Scott met us at the baggage claim and got us to the Port in an excellent manner. Couldn’t have made our cruise without him. Thank you so so much!!!! You were awesome.

Submitted on 2018-09-24T07:42:00

Comments: Driver was very friendly and efficient.

Submitted on 2018-09-24T05:25:00

Comments: Always on time and great service!!!!

Submitted on 2018-09-23T13:35:00

Comments: Really enjoyed the atmosphere (friendly yet professional).

Submitted on 2018-09-23T07:47:00

Comments: I always use GO for my airport trips.

Submitted on 2018-09-21T07:05:00

Comments: Driver was on time, professional and courteous.

Submitted on 2018-09-21T06:23:00

Comments: Driver Daniel was very polite

Submitted on 2018-09-19T11:55:00

Comments: Great service wit friendly drivers. I had no issues.

Submitted on 2018-09-19T08:46:00

Comments: Very pleasant experience!Thank you.

Submitted on 2018-09-17T14:54:00

Comments: I love it and will use it again and recommend it to friends.

Submitted on 2018-09-17T08:58:00

Comments: Excellent driver, ponctuel polite kind. It was a pleasant ride .

Submitted on 2018-09-16T12:22:00

Comments: FABULOUS! Great communication! Friendly! Will use Go! again in the future and would request this driver! Will recommend your company to friends and family!

Submitted on 2018-09-16T11:18:00

Comments: Driver was very friendly and was very patient with us when customs was taking longer than expected after returning from our cruise!!!

Submitted on 2018-09-16T10:28:00

Comments: Omar was great!

Submitted on 2018-09-16T09:03:00

Comments: This one was just perfect!! thank you for your service

Submitted on 2018-09-12T07:40:00

Comments: Absolutely the best experience I have ever had with shuttle service. Prompt and professional. Definitely will use you again,

Submitted on 2018-09-12T06:06:00

Comments: Driver was excellent

Submitted on 2018-09-11T16:41:00

Comments: Very impressed with the courtesy and timing. I will definitely be using your company again, the ride to the airport was smooth. My driver was excellent and entertaining to speak with.

Submitted on 2018-09-11T14:44:00

Comments: Driver was courteous, friendly and most of all, got me to my destination in a timely manner! Thank you.

Submitted on 2018-09-11T13:44:00

Comments: Top notch service all the way. My driver was on time and it was excellent service all the way. He advised he would call me to pick me up after my vacation was over and he did right on time!

Submitted on 2018-09-10T18:15:00

Comments: Driver was prompt,courteous and friendly.

Submitted on 2018-09-10T13:37:00

Comments: Driver was very nice!! Drove good too & pleasant attitude THANK YOU WILL USE GO SHUTTLE AGAIN

Submitted on 2018-09-10T11:21:00

Comments: I usually rent a car at the airport but this time I chose not too. The driver was delightful and overall it was a good experience.

Submitted on 2018-09-10T08:53:00

Comments: My biggest concern in public transportation is being on time, and the drive Eric was right on time, helped with my luggage and got me to the airport in a very timely manner. I did take "Go-Shuttle" on my return and Robert was equally professional.

Submitted on 2018-09-09T17:15:00

Comments: Driver appeared promptly, actually a bit early which is just fine with us. Very careful and courteous.

Submitted on 2018-09-09T10:33:00

Comments: Was waiting for us when we arrived. Very friendly and polite. Would recommend this driver and company to everyone!

Submitted on 2018-09-08T23:23:00

Comments: Driver was excellent and called to let me know when she would be there

Submitted on 2018-09-08T14:10:00

Comments: The driver was very kind and courteous.The ride was shorter than I expected. When I come back I will use your service again also recommend it to my travel club. Thanks 4 the GREAT SERVICE.

Submitted on 2018-09-08T10:51:00

Comments: Great Service and especially reliable

Submitted on 2018-09-07T16:07:00

Comments: On time pickup, very pleasant driver, overall excellent experience.

Submitted on 2018-09-07T09:38:00

Comments: Excellent driver! Very professional & professional!

Submitted on 2018-09-06T22:23:00

Comments: Our female driver was very professional polite and very friendly. It was a very smooth and relaxing ride to the airport. She also was very punctual. Great Service!!!

Submitted on 2018-09-06T13:31:00

Comments: Driver was very nice and friendly. Good driver

Submitted on 2018-09-06T12:58:00

Comments: The driver was a professional, courteous and a pleasure to drive with. The car was extremely clean inside and out

Submitted on 2018-09-06T11:55:00

Comments: Outstanding service, great ride!

Submitted on 2018-09-06T08:46:00

Comments: Great service. Daniel was absolutely fantastic. Called prior to arrival to advise of pick up time. On time

Submitted on 2018-09-05T13:46:00

Comments: I was pleased with the service they were on time, the driver was polite and helped me with my bags. The vehicle was clean and the right size for the passengers and the ac was cool. I had a pleasant experience with the representatives on the phone as well

Submitted on 2018-09-05T06:19:00

Comments: Great service

Submitted on 2018-09-04T16:01:00

Comments: I've used the shuttle a couple times now and the service is always great and dependable.

Submitted on 2018-09-03T18:06:00

Comments: We will never drive ourselves to Miami again. It was a monsoon like rain and Igor did a fantastic job driving in it. Never once did we feel unsafe with his driving skills. He was very professional. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.

Submitted on 2018-09-03T17:30:00

Comments: The driver was curteous and early to pick me up. It was a very convenient way to get to the airport.

Submitted on 2018-09-03T09:33:00

Comments: Marie was great! I would love for her to pick me up for my return ride.

Submitted on 2018-09-02T21:35:00

Comments: Wonderful service; our car and driver arrived in less than 10 minutes! The whole experience was better than we expected

Submitted on 2018-09-02T10:15:00

Comments: Appreciate the town car service

Submitted on 2018-09-02T09:52:00

Comments: Great service will use again

Submitted on 2018-09-02T09:27:00

Comments: Excellent experience !!

Submitted on 2018-09-02T08:45:00

Comments: On time, large size SUV, clear in side and driver.... were excellent, highly recommend !

Submitted on 2018-09-01T21:50:00

Comments: Driver arrived on time, was polite and assisted with the bags. He offered assistance to get I. His vehicle and drove carefully to the airport.

Submitted on 2018-09-01T21:28:00

Comments: Driver very courteous and well informed. We had an interesting conversation all the way tot he airport.

Submitted on 2018-09-01T10:29:00

Comments: Best driver, polite, perfect experience.

Submitted on 2018-08-30T17:20:00

Comments: The driver ( I wish I knew his name) went above and beyond expectations on this trip. On her way to the car, my wife fell on my Mom’s walkway. She was in terrible pain and could not walk. The driver helped us get her into the car and got Us airport help.

Submitted on 2018-08-30T14:58:00

Comments: Driver was A+ Would use Go Airport Shuttle again

Submitted on 2018-08-29T23:31:00

Comments: Rueben was very professional and helpful. Good and safe driving habits. It is a keeper.

Submitted on 2018-08-29T09:15:00

Comments: Driver very professional.

Submitted on 2018-08-29T07:56:00

Comments: I will book another pick up when I return.

Submitted on 2018-08-27T18:55:00

Comments: The driver was excellent in every way possible....courteous.....on time......and an excellent driver.

Submitted on 2018-08-27T15:17:00

Comments: Sam was very pleasant and was on time to pick us up.

Submitted on 2018-08-27T10:12:00

Comments: Eliot was a wonderful driver and when we got off our cruise earlier than expected was able to pick us up earlier than our scheduled time.

Submitted on 2018-08-27T09:37:00

Comments: Wonderful, prompt, friendly, helpful, courteous, driver Doreen, with an immaculate vehicle!! Excellent experience!

Submitted on 2018-08-26T22:22:00

Comments: Ashley was very nice..excellent driving.

Submitted on 2018-08-26T15:25:00

Comments: Our driver was wonderful! Prompt, efficient, and a very safe driver!

Submitted on 2018-08-26T08:01:00

Comments: lovely trip...thank you!

Submitted on 2018-08-26T03:22:00

Comments: Excellent service

Submitted on 2018-08-25T21:18:00

Comments: Both times I used your service your drivers were very professional, timely and extremely helpful.

Submitted on 2018-08-25T12:31:00

Comments: Excellent company as I used you guys 2 years in a row.

Submitted on 2018-08-25T11:17:00

Comments: Great driver....came earlier to pick us up as we arrived early! Thank you.

Submitted on 2018-08-25T05:44:00

Comments: Excellent service! Driver was wonderful!

Submitted on 2018-08-24T08:27:00

Comments: My driver was awesome. Will definitely use your services again if needed!

Submitted on 2018-08-23T21:06:00

Comments: Our driver was excellent and saved the day for GO Shuttle.

Submitted on 2018-08-23T11:48:00

Comments: Pleasure to ride with you!Thanks

Submitted on 2018-08-22T17:35:00

Comments: I appreciated the prompt service so early in the morning (5AM) & being there when we returned after midnight. Very nice car & clean driver. thank you. Suzanne Gay

Submitted on 2018-08-22T17:14:00

Comments: I am telling all my friends about how reassuring it is to use the GO Airport shuttle!Having used the service several times, I can certainly say that I have always had excellent service. Drivers are on time, if not early. Very helpful!

Submitted on 2018-08-22T15:33:00

Comments: Very nice driver.

Submitted on 2018-08-22T12:26:00

Comments: Cheerful and professional. All around fabulous driver and experience.

Submitted on 2018-08-22T10:29:00

Comments: Great and reasonable way to travel!!

Submitted on 2018-08-22T09:53:00

Comments: Our driver was the BEST! We were so excited she drove us both days (from and to FLL). She arrived early, kept in contact, responded to my questions, and was so friendly. My first Go experience, and definitely not my last!!! Thank you :)

Submitted on 2018-08-22T04:46:00

Comments: Exceptional service with a well appointed vehicle!

Submitted on 2018-08-21T09:07:00

Comments: The whole experience was great. It was easy to book. I was worried when there was a large queue to get off the cruise ship but it wasn't a problem with you. The driver turned up 5 minutes after we got off the ship. Brilliant. Would use you again. Thanks

Submitted on 2018-08-21T08:27:00


Submitted on 2018-08-20T13:13:00

Comments: Excellent company and very dependable. Will continue to use them when I travel to FL and MIA.

Submitted on 2018-08-20T08:04:00

Comments: Friendly, courteous and safe driver.

Submitted on 2018-08-20T06:35:00

Comments: Driver was very polite and punctual. Vehicle was cleaned and very comfortable.An excellent service for a very good price.

Submitted on 2018-08-19T21:06:00

Comments: Traveling with you guys for the past 5 years service is always good .

Submitted on 2018-08-19T09:38:00

Comments: Everything was perfect. Thank you

Submitted on 2018-08-19T04:53:00

Comments: I have be using your service for several years. The drivers are always polite and on time. Will see you on my next trip. Great job. Keep up the good work.

Submitted on 2018-08-18T17:05:00

Comments: Thanks great job

Submitted on 2018-08-18T04:44:00

Comments: Driver came on time and was very courteous Third time using your service and will continue to use you for future needs

Submitted on 2018-08-17T22:12:00

Comments: Plane was 1/2 hour early,,but the driver was early, so we were very happy. Excellent driver and very helpful.

Submitted on 2018-08-17T14:23:00

Comments: Very lucky to have GO SHUTTLE available.

Submitted on 2018-08-17T12:21:00

Comments: Very safe and courteous driver. Made the experience very pleasant.

Submitted on 2018-08-17T11:00:00

Comments: Friendly drivers and timely service. Would definitely use Go Airport Shuttle again. Thanks!

Submitted on 2018-08-17T08:52:00

Comments: Thus far, all of my experiences with GO have been favorable - on time, excellent drivers. We intend to continue riding with GO in the future.

Submitted on 2018-08-16T23:15:00

Comments: The worker at the airpirt booth was excellent. The service was on time. Excellent, reliable and affordable service. Will definitely recommend

Submitted on 2018-08-16T15:03:00

Comments: Excellent, on time, professional and safe driver!!!!!

Submitted on 2018-08-16T10:57:00

Comments: Great service as always. Driver was on time and very helpful.

Submitted on 2018-08-16T06:04:00

Comments: Everything was excellent as usual.

Submitted on 2018-08-16T04:53:00

Comments: Great service

Submitted on 2018-08-14T11:35:00

Comments: Omar was great he gave us a lot of information durring the ride about the locations we passed along the way.

Submitted on 2018-08-14T11:34:00

Comments: Muhammad was amazing very friendly and accommodating!

Submitted on 2018-08-14T07:54:00

Comments: We used your service both to and from the Fort Lauderdale Airport. The drivers in both instances were friendly, shared lots of informative information about the airports and area. Great option for shuttle service

Submitted on 2018-08-13T23:30:00

Comments: We are always very satisfied with our experience with the private van service. We've been using it for many years in a row.

Submitted on 2018-08-13T18:04:00

Comments: Thanks for the reliable professional service.

Submitted on 2018-08-13T11:33:00

Comments: We got off our plane and within 5 minutes of finding the go shuttle desk, we were on the van and on our way to the hotel. Driver was nice and helped with bags.

Submitted on 2018-08-11T17:19:00

Comments: Excellent in every way. Thank you.

Submitted on 2018-08-11T16:45:00

Comments: Great Job !

Submitted on 2018-08-11T11:58:00

Comments: The driver was excellent; very timely and polite! Service was AWESOME!

Submitted on 2018-08-11T09:36:00

Comments: Our driver was super friendly and very personable. He made the trip a total pleasure.

Submitted on 2018-08-10T11:00:00

Comments: Reasonable rates. Easy to reserve pick up service. Good customer service.

Submitted on 2018-08-10T10:26:00

Comments: Great experience! Driver arrived on time and was professional and courteous.

Submitted on 2018-08-10T08:45:00

Comments: The driver called when he was 10 minutes away, I really appreciated that. He was very polite and sincere, and a good druver!

Submitted on 2018-08-10T07:29:00

Comments: Both my rides were on time and very friendly. I will be looking to use your service in the future.

Submitted on 2018-08-09T07:50:00

Comments: Driver was top rate

Submitted on 2018-08-08T19:56:00

Comments: Driver was friendly and professional

Submitted on 2018-08-08T08:47:00

Comments: On time great price great service. Thanks

Submitted on 2018-08-06T12:51:00

Comments: Easy to organise by web, turned up on time, no fuss, excellent service. Thank you.

Submitted on 2018-08-06T11:24:00

Comments: Our driver was awesome!!

Submitted on 2018-08-06T07:15:00

Comments: Proud driver was superb. He was prompt and professionals.

Submitted on 2018-08-06T05:31:00

Comments: Thank you!!

Submitted on 2018-08-05T19:35:00

Comments: The driver was excellent

Submitted on 2018-08-05T07:36:00

Comments: Driver and Service-Super

Submitted on 2018-08-04T23:04:00

Comments: The driver was courteous, and professional.

Submitted on 2018-08-04T14:53:00

Comments: I really enjoyed the ride.

Submitted on 2018-08-04T12:01:00

Comments: I already referred you to othets in Fla and I will use you on all my vidits when no rental car! Thx!!

Submitted on 2018-08-04T07:26:00

Comments: It was a great ride both drivers were kind and answered any questions that I had. They were also prompt and arrived on time. Excellent service. Best choice I've ever made. Thank you for great service.

Submitted on 2018-08-03T10:09:00

Comments: Very professional and timely drivers and phone representatives. I would recommend your company to others.

Submitted on 2018-08-03T09:20:00

Comments: The shuttle was on time, cool temperature inside, clean and wasn’t over packed. The driver was friendly and pleasant.

Submitted on 2018-08-03T09:07:00

Comments: Love the Town Cars

Submitted on 2018-08-02T08:16:00

Comments: Service was seemless. Drivers were very courteous.

Submitted on 2018-08-01T17:43:00

Comments: Safe driver. Thanks for the service.

Submitted on 2018-08-01T12:23:00

Comments: Ray, my driver, made what was a Wonderful Vacation even better! He was courteous, a good driver and a true gentleman to me and my family. If ever, I will use this service again and I will not hesitate to refer it to friends or family. Thanks Again.

Submitted on 2018-08-01T12:03:00

Comments: Well worth the money spent, and having the reservation done ahead of time is also a benefit.

Submitted on 2018-07-31T17:06:00

Comments: I would like to thank personaly Berge Karanfil for his amazing service!

Submitted on 2018-07-31T11:40:00

Comments: Our driver was incredible

Submitted on 2018-07-31T11:32:00

Comments: Driver called 10 minutes before arrival. That was a great service!

Submitted on 2018-07-31T11:21:00

Comments: Drivers were courteous and always on time

Submitted on 2018-07-31T05:54:00

Comments: I will definitely use your service again and have already referred my family and friends. Great service and prices!!!!

Submitted on 2018-07-30T22:44:00

Comments: Driver was prompt and courteous, very patient and caring with passengers,

Submitted on 2018-07-30T13:22:00

Comments: Excelent services!!!!!

Submitted on 2018-07-30T11:44:00

Comments: Great ride and wonderful driver! Very happy with service!

Submitted on 2018-07-30T10:36:00

Comments: Very reliable and great service for the price. I have used the service before and will use again in the future.

Submitted on 2018-07-30T10:10:00

Comments: The driver is the best kind courteous considerate I cannot say enough great things about him. Thank you

Submitted on 2018-07-29T14:53:00

Comments: Everything was exceptional!

Submitted on 2018-07-29T13:04:00

Comments: Driver was excellent. Other guests in the vehicle were being difficult but he was very professional and got me to my destination safely and on time. Will definitely be using your service again

Submitted on 2018-07-28T08:23:00

Comments: I appreciated the professionalism of the drivers. Arrival and departure was timely.

Submitted on 2018-07-27T10:38:00

Comments: Great service and driver was very personable and on time.

Submitted on 2018-07-27T10:11:00

Comments: Great, greater,the greatest .

Submitted on 2018-07-26T21:25:00

Comments: Great and professional service

Submitted on 2018-07-26T09:56:00

Comments: Perfect ride

Submitted on 2018-07-25T19:54:00

Comments: Excellent driver. Professional. Van was very clean.

Submitted on 2018-07-25T19:47:00

Comments: Picked up on time. Van was cool given the hot temperature. Driver was very nice.

Submitted on 2018-07-25T12:43:00

Comments: I was very pleased with the service. Being my first time using the service, I was apprehensive. But you proved me wrong! I will be using your service in the future and recommending you to others...

Submitted on 2018-07-25T11:00:00

Comments: Very professional on time service with no wait! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Submitted on 2018-07-24T17:27:00

Comments: The entire experience from booking online, instant responses back from questions, to our driver being there on time was incredible. The driver whose name was Raphael understood the key secret of winning us over; connecting with our kids! Highly recommend

Submitted on 2018-07-23T03:45:00

Comments: The driver was soo courteous. He helped us by showing us how to check in and navigate the confusion at the airport.

Submitted on 2018-07-21T21:08:00

Comments: Driver was very helpful and professional!

Submitted on 2018-07-21T20:06:00

Comments: Had to change pick up location last minute and did not have any problems. Both drivers were had were friendly and good conversation. Even the phone operators were professional and very courteous. Will definitely use again if need a car.

Submitted on 2018-07-19T12:46:00

Comments: Very courteous, professional, and a pleasure to deal with! Will recommend you to all!

Submitted on 2018-07-18T21:20:00

Comments: Pick up was on time

Submitted on 2018-07-18T19:32:00

Comments: Keep up the great work!

Submitted on 2018-07-17T23:00:00

Comments: Very professional...

Submitted on 2018-07-17T12:58:00

Comments: Howard was excellent... A very pleasant drive

Submitted on 2018-07-17T10:04:00

Comments: thank you so very much!

Submitted on 2018-07-17T08:03:00

Comments: Great Service!

Submitted on 2018-07-17T05:20:00

Comments: I already recommended GO Shuttle to my neighbor

Submitted on 2018-07-16T12:44:00

Comments: Everything went smoothly front pick up to arriving at the Port earlier than expected!!!

Submitted on 2018-07-16T10:00:00

Comments: I appreciate your services!

Submitted on 2018-07-15T10:57:00

Comments: My driver today was prompt, extremely courteous and operated the vehicle safely. I enjoyed the service and will recommend your company to others!

Submitted on 2018-07-14T22:25:00

Comments: Driver was on time, helpful and friendly. Transport was clean and temp(a/c) was great. He greeted us at baggage claim with a big smile and helped with luggage. Very impressed and would recommend

Submitted on 2018-07-14T16:06:00

Comments: The driver was very nice and helpful

Submitted on 2018-07-14T07:38:00

Comments: Arsen was very helpful, pleasant and professional!! Thank you very much!

Submitted on 2018-07-14T05:47:00

Comments: This was my first time, and I was very please! Thank you

Submitted on 2018-07-13T18:52:00

Comments: Excellent service

Submitted on 2018-07-13T09:06:00

Comments: $21 fare from ft Lauderdale airport to deerfield Beach is a great value

Submitted on 2018-07-13T07:57:00

Comments: Definitely the way to travel to and from the airport

Submitted on 2018-07-12T14:47:00

Comments: Outstanding! Thank you.

Submitted on 2018-07-12T13:22:00

Comments: Excellent

Submitted on 2018-07-12T12:20:00

Comments: Prompt, reliable, friendly & professional service!

Submitted on 2018-07-11T15:23:00

Comments: Great driver with excellent driving skills, friendly personality and courteous & professional demeanor. Wish I could request him for all future rides!

Submitted on 2018-07-11T11:14:00

Comments: I am very happy wit the service. On time, very friendly and helpful. Vehicle in great condition and excellent driver. Thank you!

Submitted on 2018-07-10T10:30:00

Comments: Driver exceptional.....on time and extremely courteous. We have used Go Airport many times because of the quality of your service vs Supper Shuttle.

Submitted on 2018-07-07T16:07:00

Comments: My brother is handicapped and they were very helpful to him

Submitted on 2018-07-07T07:24:00

Comments: My driver was awesome! Very professional and courteous. I hope all drivers are as warm and friendly with great communication. Excellent!

Submitted on 2018-07-06T21:14:00

Comments: Very pleasant ride to airport; highly competent driver - hope we get the same person on our return!

Submitted on 2018-07-06T11:44:00

Comments: Our driver was amazing, the ride was comfortable, and this shuttle service made our return trip to the airport and home very simple.

Submitted on 2018-07-05T15:50:00

Comments: Our driver was awesome. So friendly and accommodating.

Submitted on 2018-07-05T11:46:00

Comments: As always very prompt, professional and a relaxing ride.

Submitted on 2018-07-05T10:41:00

Comments: Keep up the good work!!

Submitted on 2018-07-04T20:41:00

Comments: Great Service Great Driver So pleased So on Time always. Very happy with all of you

Submitted on 2018-07-04T19:51:00

Comments: Nice and comfortable!

Submitted on 2018-07-04T11:03:00

Comments: Great services

Submitted on 2018-07-04T07:22:00

Comments: On time and very courteous;highly recommend !!!

Submitted on 2018-07-03T17:46:00

Comments: Perfect!

Submitted on 2018-07-03T17:22:00

Comments: professional service.

Submitted on 2018-07-02T22:33:00

Comments: It worked out very nicely. The driver was kind and helpful. I was very pleased.

Submitted on 2018-07-02T16:21:00

Comments: Alex was wonderful! Very professional and very patient with my 94 year old mother. Will ask for him next trip.

Submitted on 2018-07-02T12:20:00

Comments: Great experience. Will do again.

Submitted on 2018-07-02T11:52:00

Comments: Our driver was awesome! My daughter forgot her back pack in the vehicle & she returned to our hotel to bring it back to us! The van sounded like it may break down.

Submitted on 2018-07-02T07:06:00

Comments: Excellent service, on time, neat and clean. THANKS!!!

Submitted on 2018-07-01T21:29:00

Comments: Wonderful driver. Great conversation.

Submitted on 2018-07-01T06:58:00

Comments: Robert was very patient with us when our luggage got delayed due to weather. What the ultimate professional! Thank you for the excellent service!

Submitted on 2018-07-01T04:29:00

Comments: Very professional, excellent driver, courteous, respectful.

Submitted on 2018-06-30T13:29:00

Comments: On time excellent service. Very pleasant driver. Will continue to use your service whenever I travel.

Submitted on 2018-06-30T07:04:00

Comments: Pleasant surprise to have a town car and not a fan. Smooth ride to FLL

Submitted on 2018-06-29T19:06:00

Comments: I reserved a private transfer from FLL to our hotel in Miami. Flight was delayed twice. Driver kept on top,was waiting for us at bottom of escalator. Collected out luggage and off we went for the short trip

Submitted on 2018-06-29T12:36:00

Comments: Both drivers were excellent! Very personable.

Submitted on 2018-06-28T15:07:00

Comments: Thank you for your timely and excellent service. Both of our drivers were excellent!

Submitted on 2018-06-28T11:42:00

Comments: Have used ur services for over 15 years and I’ve never been late for a flight.. thanks

Submitted on 2018-06-27T18:26:00

Comments: Very personable Came on time and delivered me as promised

Submitted on 2018-06-27T07:23:00

Comments: I can count on Airport Shuttle to get me to my flight and back home on a timely manner because they have the experience in this area. No worries. Hassle free. Everything about them is professional.

Submitted on 2018-06-26T15:23:00

Comments: It is always a pleasure to work with your staff and drivers. I feel safe especially when I arrive very late at the airport.

Submitted on 2018-06-26T09:42:00

Comments: Cost of service was great. Staff was polite and informative

Submitted on 2018-06-26T05:33:00

Comments: Right on time. Very pleasant ride

Submitted on 2018-06-25T13:58:00

Comments: We really appreciated ALL of the very GREAT SERVICE we got from Robert. We actually gave the name of your service to several other guest on the ship, They said they'll use you next time. Thanks for EVERYTHING!

Submitted on 2018-06-25T11:27:00

Comments: Very pleased

Submitted on 2018-06-25T08:03:00

Comments: Pickup was on-time and driver got us there safely. Will definitely use your service again when I'm in the area.

Submitted on 2018-06-24T22:38:00

Comments: I’ve been using this service for a few years now and I’m totally satisfied with the service I received, drivers are always on time, very pleasant and polite. I will always use this service as my means of transportation to and from airports.

Submitted on 2018-06-23T06:17:00

Comments: My driver was very professional, attentive and pleasant. He is a great asset for your company.

Submitted on 2018-06-22T06:00:00

Comments: Driver was very pleasant, on time & courtesy.

Submitted on 2018-06-21T12:18:00

Comments: Wonderful driver very prompt and helpful.

Submitted on 2018-06-21T09:40:00

Comments: Great job!

Submitted on 2018-06-21T07:25:00

Comments: Always on time very clean and friendly

Submitted on 2018-06-21T07:02:00

Comments: He was prompt, courteous, & got us to the airport quickly.

Submitted on 2018-06-20T20:14:00

Comments: The entire trip was enjoyable. No problems!!!

Submitted on 2018-06-20T05:21:00

Comments: Executive Shittle never disappoints. Drivers are always on time, are profess,courteous and friendly. Always recommend them over Uber

Submitted on 2018-06-19T14:56:00

Comments: He was very attentive by communicating with me of his ETA if arrival to pick us up. I would definitely recommend this driver.

Submitted on 2018-06-19T14:53:00

Comments: GREAT & PROFESSIONAL service. He was extremely helpful.

Submitted on 2018-06-19T10:33:00

Comments: The car, the driver and the whole experience was great. I received a notification in advance from the driver. He was veryPolite, help me with my luggage. The car was neat and smell good.

Submitted on 2018-06-18T23:29:00

Comments: The driver was punctual and very courteous.

Submitted on 2018-06-18T02:06:00

Comments: we had a private car and a wonderful chauffeur. He was the most polite and nicest person anyone traveling could meet. Was very courteous, well mannered and helped with out luggage. Wonderful experience.

Submitted on 2018-06-14T14:18:00

Comments: great way to get to and from airport

Submitted on 2018-06-14T11:26:00

Comments: Great experience at 6:15 a.m.!

Submitted on 2018-06-14T09:52:00

Comments: Thank you for taking the reservation within 5 minutes of my pick-up. I walked out the door and my van was right there waiting. Great service

Submitted on 2018-06-13T17:32:00

Comments: I am a travel agent and would recommend your company to any clients requiring for transfers in the area.

Submitted on 2018-06-13T10:48:00

Comments: The whole experience was excellent. My driver was excellent. Very pleasant. On time. And courteous.

Submitted on 2018-06-13T09:24:00

Comments: Very satisfied

Submitted on 2018-06-12T14:31:00

Comments: Very polite on time great service

Submitted on 2018-06-11T18:14:00

Comments: the driver was right on time. i got to the airport with no delays or problems.

Submitted on 2018-06-11T13:36:00

Comments: Absolutely would use GO Airport Shuttle again. Driver arrived early to pick me up and delivered me safely and timely at Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Submitted on 2018-06-11T11:30:00

Comments: All I can say is prompt & excellent service!!

Submitted on 2018-06-11T11:04:00

Comments: Driver was courteous and helpful.

Submitted on 2018-06-11T06:47:00

Comments: Outstanding in every regatd. Clean vehicle, courteous driver. Came to house on time and got us to airport safely.

Submitted on 2018-06-09T13:45:00

Comments: Driver was very pleasant and helpful.

Submitted on 2018-06-09T10:54:00

Comments: Our driver was very prompt, courteous, and professional! Thanks for the great service!

Submitted on 2018-06-09T08:52:00

Comments: Excellent driver!

Submitted on 2018-06-08T16:12:00

Comments: Ray was excellent

Submitted on 2018-06-08T14:25:00

Comments: Great driver!

Submitted on 2018-06-08T13:18:00

Comments: Driver was ready and waiting for us at the airport when our flight arrived. She helped take the baggage from the baggage claim to the shuttle, and loaded it all. Got us to exactly where we wanted to be in perfect timing.

Submitted on 2018-06-08T10:16:00

Comments: Driver was exceptional.

Submitted on 2018-06-08T08:24:00

Comments: Very satisfied

Submitted on 2018-06-08T06:38:00

Comments: Excellent

Submitted on 2018-06-07T12:44:00

Comments: Everything was great and easy.

Submitted on 2018-06-07T11:18:00

Comments: Excellent service

Submitted on 2018-06-07T07:43:00

Comments: Called before arrival and arrived on time, thank you

Submitted on 2018-06-06T17:53:00

Comments: Keep up the good work.

Submitted on 2018-06-06T12:41:00

Comments: Great price and very nice drivers

Submitted on 2018-06-06T10:49:00

Comments: Awesome experience. Thank you

Submitted on 2018-06-05T20:39:00

Comments: Phone operator Lisa gave exceptional service & helped us with an existing booking that we needed to change, she went above & beyond to assist us & she should be a very valued employee.

Submitted on 2018-06-05T18:55:00

Comments: Highly recommend for any traveler!

Submitted on 2018-06-05T07:58:00

Comments: I especially liked that the car had NO air fresheners so there wasn't a chemical odor.Some cars do have them and I'm allergic to the chemicals in them.5 stars for this driver on that count too!

Submitted on 2018-06-05T06:23:00

Comments: Just perfect. Thank you for a great service.

Submitted on 2018-06-04T21:30:00

Comments: My driver was lovely, kind and helpful. I would be thrilled to work with him again. Plus as a travel agent I plan to refer my guests to Go now. Thanks!

Submitted on 2018-06-04T19:51:00

Comments: Mary our driver was the best yet. Courteous, prompt, attending to every need. A+ for her!

Submitted on 2018-06-04T17:02:00

Comments: The driver was on time and brought me to the airport with time to spare. I will use Go Shuttle for my return ride.

Submitted on 2018-06-04T14:21:00

Comments: My driver Tony was well spoken about the city and the Port of Everglades. He made my party fill welcome to the state of Florida. Thank you

Submitted on 2018-06-04T11:59:00

Comments: Would not even consider using another service

Submitted on 2018-06-04T06:20:00

Comments: Great experience. Would definitely recommend to others!

Submitted on 2018-06-04T06:13:00

Comments: Very pleased. This service helped our family vacation go smoothly! Thank you!

Submitted on 2018-06-03T16:32:00

Comments: Everything was perfect

Submitted on 2018-06-03T13:39:00

Comments: Everything went seamless. Very pleased, this was the second time I used this service and will highly recommend to family and friends.

Submitted on 2018-06-03T12:29:00

Comments: We took the private car this time and it was wonderful. Loved the driver and we got to our destination really fast.

Submitted on 2018-06-03T07:26:00

Comments: Driver was punctual and very nice. The car was clean & the ride was pleasant

Submitted on 2018-06-02T17:57:00

Comments: Thank you for driving my cousin safe to the airport and her baby

Submitted on 2018-06-01T08:33:00

Comments: Nice. Safe driver !

Submitted on 2018-05-31T13:17:00

Comments: Mari was a very friendly and positive person. We had a good conversation that made the time pass quickly and the ride enjoyable.

Submitted on 2018-05-31T05:15:00

Comments: Perfect!

Submitted on 2018-05-30T18:34:00

Comments: Driver was terrific !

Submitted on 2018-05-29T17:56:00

Comments: Gonzales was simply great! On time, professional and courteous. World class service. I will recommend you and use you again!! Thank you very much for a great experience!

Submitted on 2018-05-29T14:33:00

Comments: On time friendly helpful and comfortBle. Will book on my return in July

Submitted on 2018-05-29T08:43:00

Comments: Great driver and ride

Submitted on 2018-05-28T21:12:00

Comments: Great service and very friendly

Submitted on 2018-05-28T16:34:00

Comments: The driver was courteous and on time and I will always use Go Airport Shuttle service.

Submitted on 2018-05-28T13:06:00

Comments: Thus far, we will continue to use GO for all of our airport transportation. GO is by far the best in town - on time, good drivers, clean cars - thank you, we're enjoyed our rides. Joan Fleishmsn

Submitted on 2018-05-28T12:41:00

Comments: Friendly and on time. I appreciated the call to let me know he was 5 minutes away.

Submitted on 2018-05-28T11:17:00

Comments: The driver was very friendly and prompt. We could not have asked for a better service!

Submitted on 2018-05-27T19:44:00

Comments: Awesome !!!

Submitted on 2018-05-27T17:34:00

Comments: Friendly prompt service - will use every time I travel

Submitted on 2018-05-27T14:50:00

Comments: Driver was great

Submitted on 2018-05-27T13:45:00

Comments: Excellent service, very courteous

Submitted on 2018-05-26T10:07:00

Comments: Great prompt service

Submitted on 2018-05-24T18:44:00

Comments: Wonderful service!

Submitted on 2018-05-24T17:43:00

Comments: Was there on time; quick service!

Submitted on 2018-05-24T13:29:00

Comments: Was picked up on time and brought home from airport within minutes. Thank you. It was red eye from Ca. so wanted to get home soon.

Submitted on 2018-05-24T13:19:00

Comments: Great driver and so pleasant.

Submitted on 2018-05-22T07:38:00

Comments: Love this service! Drivers are always on are impeccable

Submitted on 2018-05-21T20:47:00

Comments: Was a great service! Will definitely use again! Thank you for helping make our trip go smoothly!

Submitted on 2018-05-21T12:55:00

Comments: Enjoyed the ride and I would definitely use again.

Submitted on 2018-05-18T08:01:00

Comments: The driver was prompt, helpful, cordial, professional and managed the vehicle and traffic extremely well.

Submitted on 2018-05-18T07:53:00

Comments: You went above and beyond to help us out! Thank you!

Submitted on 2018-05-15T06:57:00

Comments: Liked that he called to say on his way. Arrived between timeframe, smooth ride. Admired the reminder email as well as this thank you email. Definitely recommend.

Submitted on 2018-05-14T20:34:00

Comments: ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Easy to communicate to office and driver. Very friendly, nice car and very professional and personable. HIGHLY recommend! Thank you

Submitted on 2018-05-14T14:33:00

Comments: Highly recommend. On time and very friendly.

Submitted on 2018-05-14T11:46:00

Comments: Outstanding service

Submitted on 2018-05-14T11:01:00

Comments: Always on time and very professional. Thank you for your service.

Submitted on 2018-05-10T19:59:00

Comments: Everything was great from pick-up to drop-off. The driver Pablo called 15 minutes before pick-up and did a fantastic job driving to the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Submitted on 2018-05-10T14:08:00

Comments: Driver was prompt and very nice. Good, safe driver that got us to our gate and helped with the bags.

Submitted on 2018-05-10T13:22:00

Comments: I've used other ride sharing services at other airports before but you guys far exceeded my expectations.

Submitted on 2018-05-10T08:15:00

Comments: On time. Safe Ride. Helpful driver. Phone answered promptly. Excellent communications.

Submitted on 2018-05-10T07:11:00

Comments: GO was excellent. Made it super easy and comfortable. Will use again for sure! Thanks!

Submitted on 2018-05-10T07:10:00

Comments: Extremely flexible and easy to work with. We ended up getting off the ship much earlier than we thought, and GO made arrangements on the fly to pick us up MUCH earlier than our reservation. Luis, our driver, was fun, pleasant, and helpful.

Submitted on 2018-05-09T22:08:00

Comments: Arrived on time and was very helpful with luggage at pickup and at the airport.

Submitted on 2018-05-09T15:15:00

Comments: Great service. I will definitely use this service again

Submitted on 2018-05-09T05:19:00

Comments: Excellent service...driver was timely and also was very personable.

Submitted on 2018-05-08T17:35:00

Comments: Thanks !!! job well done, on time and very courteous. Super!!!!

Submitted on 2018-05-08T17:31:00

Comments: Driver arrived on time. He was very professional and courteous!

Submitted on 2018-05-08T15:01:00

Comments: Great experience, will definitely use service again!

Submitted on 2018-05-08T14:50:00

Comments: My driver was superb!

Submitted on 2018-05-08T13:23:00

Comments: I have already recommended to a friend

Submitted on 2018-05-08T09:43:00

Comments: I am so glad I tried your service. I will definitely use it again when I travel!

Submitted on 2018-05-08T05:43:00

Comments: Great Driver!!!!

Submitted on 2018-05-07T22:22:00

Comments: The staff at the airport were friendly and accommodating. The driver was amazing. I was pleasantly pleased by the level of service and the caliber of vehicle he was driving. It was comfortable and allowed me to relax after a 7 hour journey.

Submitted on 2018-05-07T10:01:00

Comments: Great on time and very professionsl

Submitted on 2018-05-07T08:12:00

Comments: Comfortable car and very nice driver.

Submitted on 2018-05-07T07:56:00

Comments: Great experience. Vehicle was very comfortable and clean. Driver was prompt and professional. Will use your service again when we return.

Submitted on 2018-05-06T22:21:00

Comments: GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you for your service and your help when we arrived at the airport. We have a rev for two and they let us use only one Van due to other members in our party flt was late coming.

Submitted on 2018-05-06T22:04:00

Comments: Your company gives the best service ever. Thank you so much.

Submitted on 2018-05-06T13:33:00

Comments: Love your service. Always make it so easy.

Submitted on 2018-05-06T10:19:00

Comments: An all around great experience - on time and efficient.

Submitted on 2018-05-04T10:21:00

Comments: All Excellent... Very happy with your service!

Submitted on 2018-05-03T12:56:00

Comments: Great driver. He called in advance, drove professionally, and pleasant to be around.

Submitted on 2018-05-03T06:36:00

Comments: Excellent service... the vehicle arrived right on time, thanks

Submitted on 2018-05-02T21:50:00

Comments: On time, professional, safe. Will definitely use GO again and recommend it to others.

Submitted on 2018-05-02T15:29:00

Comments: Our driver was amazing! He was so friendly and just made us feel very comfortable. Even stopped at a convenience store for us on our way to our cruise port. Showed up early and called to let me know he was ready whenever we were! Two thumbs up!

Submitted on 2018-05-02T07:51:00

Comments: Very quick pickup at the airport!

Submitted on 2018-05-01T12:15:00

Comments: It was a very pleasant surprise having a car show up instead of a crowded van

Submitted on 2018-04-30T22:29:00

Comments: Thank you very much for the prompt, elegant ride to the airport from the Metropole. Excellent chauffeur!! Thanks for an excellent service!

Submitted on 2018-04-30T15:06:00

Comments: Everything was just as hoped for, EXCELLENT service on all areas.

Submitted on 2018-04-30T15:00:00

Comments: Great deal, stress free.

Submitted on 2018-04-27T10:38:00

Comments: The young man was very polite and professional

Submitted on 2018-04-26T16:14:00

Comments: Second time using this service I would highly tecommend

Submitted on 2018-04-26T15:46:00

Comments: The driver was prompt, courteous and personable making the over experience a pleasure.

Submitted on 2018-04-26T11:56:00

Comments: Very nice driver above and beyond expectations

Submitted on 2018-04-25T14:13:00

Comments: Driver was great. And very helpfully

Submitted on 2018-04-25T11:16:00

Comments: Just a great experience as always. THANKS

Submitted on 2018-04-24T23:47:00

Comments: On time, kept us informed on his arrival. On time at airport, was courteous driver to passenger and in traffic

Submitted on 2018-04-24T22:30:00

Comments: GO Airport Shuttle is the very best!Martin Friedman

Submitted on 2018-04-24T20:02:00

Comments: Thank you...great courteous driver ?„

Submitted on 2018-04-24T13:01:00

Comments: Our driver both ways was Mohammed who did a fabulous job. He was prompt and courteous. It was a pleasure using your services!

Submitted on 2018-04-23T20:05:00

Comments: First time using the service and was very impressed. Will definitely use this service again. I want to also give a thank you to the courteous person, Rose, who helped make the reservations.

Submitted on 2018-04-23T19:04:00

Comments: Will use your company next year when we cruise out of the Port of Miami from Ft. Lauderdale

Submitted on 2018-04-23T12:28:00

Comments: I was in Miami FL. only for a few days and used your service while there. Both rides went great.Thanks to the drivers.Barbara Brown

Submitted on 2018-04-23T10:46:00

Comments: I love this sevice. Always on time and very professional. I will always use this service.

Submitted on 2018-04-23T07:33:00

Comments: Really nice guy and offered great tips for local things to do!

Submitted on 2018-04-23T03:57:00

Comments: Omar was prompt and professional. Will request him next time we travel.

Submitted on 2018-04-21T06:23:00

Comments: I booked a shared van ride, and they took me in a black Lincoln. That smooth ride and leather seat sure was a relief after being crammed in that plane.

Submitted on 2018-04-20T16:17:00

Comments: Service was excellent and on time.

Submitted on 2018-04-20T07:42:00

Comments: Howard is great

Submitted on 2018-04-20T07:37:00

Comments: Driver was polite and professional.

Submitted on 2018-04-19T17:14:00

Comments: Excellent professional service. No worries!

Submitted on 2018-04-19T16:42:00

Comments: Love using your service when I am in town -- thanks!!

Submitted on 2018-04-19T01:28:00

Comments: Your driver was personal and efficient we enjoyed our ride from the Executive Airport to the port and would use your services again

Submitted on 2018-04-18T10:11:00

Comments: Very friendly and professional driver

Submitted on 2018-04-18T07:29:00

Comments: Love it convenient & inexpensive

Submitted on 2018-04-18T05:57:00

Comments: Always a nice ride

Submitted on 2018-04-18T00:36:00

Comments: Driver was excellent. Would definitely use Service again.

Submitted on 2018-04-16T20:00:00

Comments: Driver was courteous and really nice!

Submitted on 2018-04-16T16:46:00

Comments: Fast efficient driver.. he did a great job getting us to the airport on time

Submitted on 2018-04-16T15:24:00

Comments: The driver was very professional and courteous. He arrived early. He also was able bypass a lot of the traffic going into the airport so I arrived at the ticket counter quickly.

Submitted on 2018-04-16T14:40:00

Comments: I really enjoyed my driver Alex! He took great care of me!

Submitted on 2018-04-16T10:02:00

Comments: Driver was on time and friendly and the vehicle was clean and comfortable. I would definitely use this service again.

Submitted on 2018-04-16T07:29:00

Comments: My driver for Sunday morning was outstanding. He was right on time (even a little early and he patiently waited for me). He was personable and got me quickly and safely to the airport. We had a lovely visit. Thank you!!

Submitted on 2018-04-15T20:32:00

Comments: Really appreciate having a dependable transport to and from airport.

Submitted on 2018-04-15T20:12:00

Comments: All the drivers and the staff who helped me with my reservations were friendly and helpful.

Submitted on 2018-04-15T18:03:00

Comments: Thank you for your efficient and courteous service. We will DEFINITELY utilize your service on our next trip to Miami!

Submitted on 2018-04-14T19:00:00

Comments: Maz was an excellent driver - on time for each ride.

Submitted on 2018-04-14T08:04:00

Comments: Excellent driver and service.

Submitted on 2018-04-14T08:02:00

Comments: Driver called to let me know he was on his way. Very courteous, helpful and a safe driver. I didn't spill any of my beer! Just kidding! I spilled a little. AGAIN, just kidding. He was great!Thanks!

Submitted on 2018-04-13T09:11:00

Comments: I’ve used your service a few times now ..drivers and service are 100%..Thank you

Submitted on 2018-04-13T07:26:00

Comments: Great ! Always on time. Courteous driver.

Submitted on 2018-04-13T06:56:00

Comments: Bennett using for 5 years and always reliable and very clean cars and friendly drivers

Submitted on 2018-04-13T05:45:00

Comments: He was an excellent driver. Despite me thinking I was late he was very professional and courteous I will definitely be using go in the future. Thanks!

Submitted on 2018-04-12T15:34:00

Comments: This was my first time using Go Airport Shuttle and it was a wonderful experience. On time, no problems, the drivers were wonderful and I would use Go Airport Shuttle again.

Submitted on 2018-04-12T12:15:00

Comments: GO Airport Shuttle is the best, most reliable and so reasonably priced. I recommend GO Airport Shuttle to everyone!

Submitted on 2018-04-11T22:29:00

Comments: First time with you, but it will not be the last. The driver told us how to get shuttle from the airport back to Boynton beach when we return next week and we will definitely use you.

Submitted on 2018-04-11T15:59:00

Comments: Very good & driver arrived in a timely manner & dropped us off in a timely manner. He was very courteous and drove in a reasonable manner.

Submitted on 2018-04-11T13:26:00

Comments: Our driver was such a gentleman and was even early.

Submitted on 2018-04-10T18:06:00

Comments: Dorina was our driver for reservation 1O2JAQ.GO and I have to commend her on her driving. She expertly handled the vehicle on the road to FLL dealing with several erratic drivers swerving into our lane. She was polite, courteous and on time! 5 stars!

Submitted on 2018-04-10T17:25:00

Comments: We had the best driver ever. thank you so much

Submitted on 2018-04-10T06:00:00

Comments: My driver was incredibly nice. It was truly a pleasure to have him drive me! Thank you!

Submitted on 2018-04-10T00:31:00

Comments: Great being able to order online and no worries with competent pick-up and drop-off.

Submitted on 2018-04-09T10:09:00

Comments: Thank you for your excellent service!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on 2018-04-09T09:46:00

Comments: Great!!!

Submitted on 2018-04-09T08:11:00

Comments: We had a great trip. Our driver was very thorough and professional! She called as we landed to confirm that she was at baggage claim and waiting on us. Our trip was uneventful. We will definitely use Go Airport Shuttle on our next cruise! Thanks!

Submitted on 2018-04-09T07:21:00

Comments: Had a really good experience both ways

Submitted on 2018-04-08T15:14:00

Comments: Great driver!!!! Had us there in no time with no stress. Thank you ?€

Submitted on 2018-04-08T14:59:00

Comments: Loved using your service both times. Will definitely do it again when we travel.

Submitted on 2018-04-08T10:00:00

Comments: Great service thanks

Submitted on 2018-04-07T17:59:00

Comments: Very happy with the service provided and will definitely use this service in the future.

Submitted on 2018-04-07T16:49:00

Comments: Our driver was extremely helpful. He even gave us suggestions on activities/restaurants for our one day layover in the area. Very impressed with his service.

Submitted on 2018-04-07T14:10:00

Comments: Very professional driver and clean vehicle.Unlike a Taxi or other car service, we felt that we were the top priority for the time and that there was not a huge rush to pick up the next fare.Services from beginning to end were exceptional.

Submitted on 2018-04-07T10:22:00

Comments: This experience was perfect in everyway. Our party of 10 was completely happy with the driver, the comfort of his van, and the pickup and drop off in both directions. Thank you for the great service.

Submitted on 2018-04-07T00:33:00

Comments: The driver was very polite and conscientious.

Submitted on 2018-04-07T00:21:00

Comments: The driver was in time to take me to the airport and he was very polite and conscientious.

Submitted on 2018-04-06T21:08:00

Comments: Superb service! Our driver was excellent, she was knowledgeable of our location and got us to our destination timely and safely. I will use "Go Shuttle" service again and have recommended the service to family and friends.

Submitted on 2018-04-05T18:54:00

Comments: Our driver was wonderful and his car was very nice. I was worried because our flight was very early but he was early to pick us up. Great service.

Submitted on 2018-04-05T14:30:00

Comments: The driver called me approximately 15 minutes before arrival. He was very courteous and professional.

Submitted on 2018-04-05T13:04:00

Comments: Arrived early and was very pleasant.

Submitted on 2018-04-05T09:45:00

Comments: Our driver was personable and friendly. He was on time. He was a safe driver. He kept a clean vehicle. We were very pleased with our experience! Thank you.

Submitted on 2018-04-04T21:18:00

Comments: Our driver Nelson was very courteous, and enjoyable. Our drive to our hotel was great. Yes, I would use this service again

Submitted on 2018-04-04T10:35:00

Comments: Our recent trip to Ft Lauderdale was excellent. Our driver played a huge part in the good time we had. His name is Eliot. (516.809.8873) Eliot was our driver on 3 occasions. Vehicle was impeccable inside and out. Professional dressed. Very likeable.

Submitted on 2018-04-04T09:41:00

Comments: Right outside the arrivals door ready to go. Thanks

Submitted on 2018-04-03T18:02:00

Comments: Scott was great. No issues. Took us for a nice tour down A1 south beach to FLL.

Submitted on 2018-04-03T09:26:00

Comments: Third time Great

Submitted on 2018-04-03T00:36:00

Comments: I needed to change my pick up time due to flight changes. On the internet, the message was that nothing was available at my new arrival. But we called and they explained to just go to the desk regardless of what time we arrived, not to worry.

Submitted on 2018-04-02T10:15:00

Comments: Very courteous driver, very nice ride, great job, & pleasure doing business with you.

Submitted on 2018-04-01T07:58:00

Comments: So glad someone was willing to start their day so early!

Submitted on 2018-04-01T07:28:00

Comments: prompt service and very clear communications

Submitted on 2018-04-01T06:35:00

Comments: First time using service while in Florida and both trips were very good.

Submitted on 2018-03-31T13:50:00

Comments: It was nice not having to worry about a thing! Service was awesome! Our driver was so nice and friendly!!

Submitted on 2018-03-30T06:37:00

Comments: He was very punctual and courteous.

Submitted on 2018-03-29T19:43:00

Comments: Fantastic as always. Keep up the great work!!!

Submitted on 2018-03-29T17:15:00

Comments: We were going to a place we had never been, and every choice - including transportation - was an educated glad we found you!

Submitted on 2018-03-29T14:06:00

Comments: Great music! Nice vip service!

Submitted on 2018-03-29T14:00:00

Comments: Very pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on 2018-03-29T10:58:00

Comments: Best driver I ever had on this last ride

Submitted on 2018-03-28T21:00:00

Comments: Great driver, thanks

Submitted on 2018-03-28T18:45:00

Comments: I wish you had this service at Detroit Metro. Very dependable and great drivers.

Submitted on 2018-03-28T16:13:00

Comments: A pleasant experience Will certainly use again

Submitted on 2018-03-27T12:56:00

Comments: Edgar was helpful, friendly, and polite! I would definitely ask for him again.

Submitted on 2018-03-26T20:38:00

Comments: Great! And right on time.

Submitted on 2018-03-25T10:43:00

Comments: Our driver was excellent!!!

Submitted on 2018-03-24T13:11:00

Comments: Very reliable service, in the middle of the night.... very appreciated..

Submitted on 2018-03-24T12:27:00

Comments: Our driver was very friendly and made us all feel very comfortable on our ride to the airport. I would definitely use this service again.

Submitted on 2018-03-24T11:19:00

Comments: We use this service exclusively and are never disappointed. Very friendly, polite and professional. Couldn't be better.

Submitted on 2018-03-23T18:33:00

Comments: Company and drivers are responsible and professional. They provide written confirmations of bookings and send trip reminders. Dependable and, most importantly, RUN ON TIME!

Submitted on 2018-03-23T12:31:00

Comments: This driver Jerry was excellent

Submitted on 2018-03-23T10:26:00

Comments: Igor could not have done a more superb job. Car was immaculate and he was a very good driver, very, very excellent. Enjoyed the ride!

Submitted on 2018-03-23T10:21:00

Comments: Great driver who waited as we looked for luggage, please thank him

Submitted on 2018-03-22T14:06:00

Comments: I am grateful for this service. I was directed to a vehicle immediately and the transfer was flawless. Thank you for being the best part of my journey!

Submitted on 2018-03-21T13:52:00

Comments: Courteous, professional, knowledgeable driver. I would highly recommend your company to a friend or colleague!

Submitted on 2018-03-21T12:03:00

Comments: Great driver! Professional, friendly, polite.

Submitted on 2018-03-21T11:55:00

Comments: i have already recommended this service. They were on time and helpful. I had to switch my pick-up time and Peter made sure I had my ride. The drivers and vans were good with a nice smooth ride to and from the airport.

Submitted on 2018-03-21T11:53:00

Comments: Every driver is very professional and courteous.

Submitted on 2018-03-20T22:31:00

Comments: Driver was prompt and friendly.

Submitted on 2018-03-20T17:27:00

Comments: was told the van would arrive between 5:15 -5:45am...Tony arrived at 5:16am. Very courteous, I'm very happy/satisified with GO-Airport Shuttle, will ALWAYS call on you for transportation needs when I'm in Florida.Thanks so much. Paul

Submitted on 2018-03-20T10:46:00

Comments: Awesome driver! I hate I can't recall his name but he dropped us off at Ft Lauderdale Hollywood Intl at 10:45 AM on 3/20/18

Submitted on 2018-03-20T08:20:00

Comments: I was the last drop off. Driver super efficient at dropping off multiple passengers. Really knows his way around the area.

Submitted on 2018-03-19T21:44:00

Comments: Nice vehicle, nice employees. Sure better than taking a taxi

Submitted on 2018-03-19T16:50:00

Comments: Right on time and nice safe driver with nice soft music playing. Loved it!

Submitted on 2018-03-19T10:25:00

Comments: Pleasant competent drivers and on time!

Submitted on 2018-03-19T09:49:00

Comments: Driver had a delay right before he came for me and he called to let me know he was on his way which was incredibly kind since I had not used your service before. The vehicle was clean, driver was speedy yet safe getting us there, will recommend for sure!

Submitted on 2018-03-19T08:51:00

Comments: Driver was lovely. Courteous and friendly. Got us there quickly and safely. Excellent service. Thank you.

Submitted on 2018-03-19T08:36:00

Comments: Shuttle arrived early. Driver was very friendly. Got to Airport in good time. Highly recommended!

Submitted on 2018-03-19T06:32:00

Comments: I really enjoyed the ride, the driver was social and it was appreciated

Submitted on 2018-03-18T19:22:00

Comments: The airline changed our flight which then required a very early pickup. Our driver was right on time and very friendly and helpful.

Submitted on 2018-03-18T18:47:00

Comments: I was very impressed with this service and will use it again. Tony was very patient and accommodating especially with the delay at the desembarkment. The communication was very much appreciated. Thank you!

Submitted on 2018-03-18T18:38:00

Comments: Driver was very friendly and helpful.