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Cruising out of Miami? Consider GoShuttle Services

Posted On: 05/26/2016

Any of us who have gone on a cruise have had the debate. Should we take the car, or leave it at home?

Opting to take a drive to the Port of Miami may add a few hours, or even days together with the family onto your vacation. The catch to this is once you actually arrive at the port. Where do you leave the car? Before you fire up Google, let's save you some time.

Sure, parking at the port is always an option, but it's the most expensive, and you are always asking yourself: What was that row number again? Did I lock the door? Did we throw out that McDonald's bag?

There are also other services that will let you leave your car, but will cost you anywhere from $8 to $10 per night, according to floridacruisetips.com. While the total cost is similar, they park you several miles away from the port itself, making you take a shuttle service between the lot and the port. This involves extra planning on your part to make sure you can get to the port in a timely manner on departure day. It can also prove frustrating after a great getaway to the Caribbean, especially if you're traveling with small children.

Do yourself a favor. Leave the car at home, or at the home airport, and take a look at Go Airport Shuttle services.

We will pick you up from the airport, and take you back again. Contact us today to set up a time that fits your schedule.